How Blockchain Technology will decentralize content - ON AIR with Nitin Narkhede @ Radio Talk 100.3 in Dubai, UAE

By arvind.sreenivas Tue, 28 Feb, 2023

Nitin Narkhede, the founder of, recently made a guest appearance on Radio Talk 100.3's program called 'TSB - Talk, Sport & Business' with hosts Kitch and Neeil. The topic of discussion was how blockchain technology will decentralize content and transform the way we access and share information.

During the program, Nitin shared his insights on how blockchain's decentralized ledger system can provide greater transparency and accountability for content creators. He emphasized how blockchain technology can create a level playing field for creators and consumers, and enable them to interact with each other in a secure and efficient manner. Nitin also talked about how blockchain can potentially disrupt the existing centralized systems of content creation and distribution.

They discussed how blockchain can potentially transform various industries, by providing a secure and transparent platform for transaction and talked about the potential of blockchain-based solutions to tackle issues such as copyright infringement and digital piracy.Nitin's appearance on TSB provided an insightful and thought-provoking discussion on the future of blockchain and its potential to decentralize content. 


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