The-Ally announces Subscription plans for Self-service Video platforms

By Arvind Sreenivas Sat, 19 Mar, 2022

The-Ally team is happy to introduce Subscription plans on The-Ally Network for Video Streaming services. These usage based plans will help us streamline our services & support, while we make ourselves ready for scaling our operations globally. 

How will Plans work? 

Step 1: Select a Plan based on the nature of usage for your business case. (You can change the plan anytime)


There are four standard sets of Plans: 

  1. Whitelabled OTT / Video Platform Plans - for platforms, content library owners. Best suited for small and medium size content library owners who wish to create a platform under their own brand.

  1. Video Services Plans - for Creators, small filmmakers, individuals, YouTubers. Families can create their private albums that can be permissioned to a private group. Creators can become content-entrepreneurs as they monetize their content and enable their economy. Small Filmmakers can release their individual films.  

  1. Enterprise Plan  - This is a customised plan, primarily meant for corporates or exclusive use cases.

  1. Free Trial - Besides, get a free trial plan to get an experience with the platform. 

Step 2: Make monthly subscription payment

15days Free trial on all plans is provided at the beginning. Your Subscription will start on expiry of free trial period. You have a choice to cancel the subscription before the trial period ends. 

Step 3: Configure your platform

Once the payment is successful, you are all set to configure your platform. You will be taken to the CMS, where you will start setting your platform for the service you need. 

Check it on website:

Pls also visit Plans to check the feature list available and see for yourself, what plan works for you. Just in case you have a different expectation, pls feel free to ‘Contact us’ and we will be able to help you.

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