Blockchain can disrupt content rights licensing & management - A new category for managing rights & renewals

By Nitin Sat, 19 Mar, 2022

Media & Entertainment companies, Distributors and Rightsholder can arrest all revenue leakages during licensing and automate the whole process of trading & tracking of content rights.  

Content Rights Management is all about rights allocation, distribution, protection and tracking the rights & licences of the content. With the growth of OTT & growing demand for content, the load on the distributor backend and the administrative system can be unmanageable and mostly ends up in chaos. Managing complexity at the backend can be very complex as illustrated in the figure. 

Management of this complexity is primarily manual until now and the systems that support this management are yet to arrest the revenue leakages that continue due to basic rights management systems that mainly resemble the MIS systems. 

On the other side, the Creators have a right to know the details of the transactions and earnings on his content. In absence of the right technology to support this transparency, creators are in the dark and usually on the receiving side. In most cases, the intermediaries make a lot more money than the creators. 

Companies and organisations with an ability to arrest these leakages and provide utmost transparency to the creators will have a huge competitive advantage, greater trust from the creators resulting in a stronger top line. 

Factors influencing the complexity & management of Rights Management

  1. Proliferation of digital delivery options, channels, OTT etc thereby increasing volume of transactions

  2. Management of overheads due to global allocations, managing avials, restrictions, licence period, renewals, subtitles, deliveries

  3. Increasing dependence on sub-distributors for regional allocations

Rights Management System that manages end-to-end with absolute transparency

Rightsholder primary responsibility is to manage & monetize the content as per the rights received from the creators. This can be streamlined if the rules are written at the time of onboarding the content on a blockchain.  

  1. Deploy a content tracking system that controls uses as per the contract for all digital delivery platforms

  2. Automated auditing & reconciliation system for associated financial transactions

  3. Verification of the licence validity every time

  4. Administer the rights from a single source globally

RightsfuAlly is Rights Management system built on blockchain

  • Zero revenue leakage - When transacted on the system, earn all revenues as agreed in the contract. 

  • Significantly Improve transparency & traceability – Trace & Track access to the digital content based on contracts

  • Improve efficiency and reduce overheads of maintenance & reconciliations.

  • Ensure appropriate allocations – Comply with licence and rights allocation as per the agreements made with creators by allowing access to their content.

  • Auditable anytime - Ensures you have an ability to audit all transactions and allocations in real-time, from anywhere in the world.


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