Creator’s Ally, Web 3.0 based new world of democratized Video Streaming, to enable ownership of streaming data by creators

By Nitin Mon, 07 Feb, 2022

An evolution of Web 2.0 from Web 1.0 brought new models of content streaming pioneered by Netflix - a game changing move from the established model of DVD rental company, Blockbuster, in the United States. The key trends that were driving this craze for new internet based infrastructure were technology, comfort and on-demand services. In-built algorithms further brought in recommendations to the data driven platform and the combination provided a supreme experience to the consumers for more than a decade. 

But what about the Creators? 

On the other hand, for content creators, the new model did not yield much benefit until today. Many similar platforms emerged in the last decade, which provided just more options for streaming to the creators. However, the data and power remained centralized with these gatekeepers and mainly with a few large industry players. 

Besides, the data used to define user behaviour is all consumer data, brought into the platform by the Creators & their artwork. The consumers are now privy to the dangers of Web2.0 and potential exploitation of their data. The data, which actually belongs to the creators, is a valuable asset for these gatekeepers, which they leveraged in multiple ways but none by the Creators, particularly the smaller ones. 

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is an evolution and a future of data driven industry. It is user centric. It is Creator friendly. Web 3.0 will democratize the system and give data ownership and power back to the creators during content distribution and also through immersive interactions in the metaverse. 

Web 3.0 decentralized protocol will provide an opportunity to all creators to connect to the decentralized platform, stream, interact, earn, get & pay rewards and most importantly, get candid feedback from the consumers. For the first time, any creator can now 

  • release and control the content and rights of the content; 

  • own their data set, unlike the gatekeepers; 

  • find ways to monetize that data on their own, unlike the gatekeepers or search engines; 

  • keep the lion’s share of the earnings, unlike the gatekeepers and other intermediaries; 

  • trade their own content, without the need for agencies;

  • keep track of the associated rights on the trustless system; 

  • have real-time transparency of their content whereabouts and transactions on the blockchain and connected infrastructure. 

Web 3.0 can be the next game changer for Video streaming and Creator economy. 

The-Ally Network - Web 3.0 powered, democratized streaming network for Creators

At The-Ally Network, the Creators enjoy this freedom, they enjoy this liberty to use their right of their data to their advantage and they get the complete ownership and control of the business around their content. All this enabled by decentralized infrastructure and our Transparent Viewership & Engagement (TVE)  framework built with ERC20 & ERC721 (NFT) blockchain protocols.  

The-Ally Network is dedicated to building this infrastructure of distributed data-driven society and decentralized ownership. While the transparency is in-built, the trust and integrity created around it will strengthen the relationships with the creators, advertisers and other stakeholders. If creators can hold this data and decide on where to leverage this to their benefit, a new world of opportunity is unearthed where creators can earn their additional fair share from this trillion dollar industry, mostly dominated by the giants in this industry. 

For Web 3.0 to be successful in this domain, the platforms must put creators at the forefront and be partners in the revenue share, the one which they earn from their generated data sources. The-Ally precisely enables this for creators on its network.


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