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SeamlessDistribution Solutions for Businesses

Blockchain Meets Video Streaming

Holistic Content Ecosystem

We provide off-the-shelf technology to create plug-n-play OTT platforms & Video services, offered as SaaS to our clients.

The-Ally CMS Empowerment

  • Cutting-edge video SaaS platform and Content Management System.
  • Enables media houses and businesses to launch OTT and video services effortlessly.

Shoppable Video Distribution

  • Manage shoppable video distribution for enhanced engagement.
  • Monetize content seamlessly within the platform.


  • Built on blockchain technology for transparent and traceable insights.
  • Client-owned data, instilling confidence in data security.
SaaS Video Streaming solution hosted on-cloud

Don't Just Make Claims, Own it.

Web3 Intellectual Property Rights

IP distribution infrastructure & network to transform the process of scripts and film distribution globally.

Rightsfually Creators

  • It empowers scriptwriters to instantly share their scripts with all producers and studios, ensuring real-time access and continuous protection.  

Rightsfually Studios

  • Your all-in-one solution to streamline and simplify scriptwriter submissions, ensuring organization and safeguarding your reputation consistently.

We facilitate these actions on a decentralized platform, providing a singular source of truth for all stakeholders while prioritizing privacy. It oversees the entire script sale, allocation, and attribution process, seamlessly integrating with your upstream and downstream systems.

Act Micro, Impact Macro

Micro-Distribution - Differentiated Affiliate Marketing technology

Micro-Distribution empowers OTT, service providers, retailers in-store & online seamlessly for digital commerce, expanding their reach using the power of their community.


  • Initiate an affiliate program on OTT content leveraging your existing subscribers community.

Products & Services

  • TheAlly's goal is to onboard Bharath's offline retailers & services onto the online shopping network & empower community & affiliates to enable a phygital experience to consumers in India.


  • Our mission is to democratize shopping by bridging online and offline channels, enabling every retailer to go digital and every consumer to become a distributor.

Digital Transformation Services

Embracing new digital technologies to help you successfully transition to Web3, enhance new digital experience and reduce operational costs.

Planning & Designing

In our dynamic approach to project orchestration, we redefine traditional planning, seamlessly aligning with the fluid nature of the decentralized landscape.


Ensure continuous alignment with customer needs and company strategy. Define goals and initiatives, visualize priorities and dependencies.


Embracing new digital technologies to help you successfully transition to Web3, enhance new digital experience and reduce operational costs.

Engineering & Development

With our ability to customize the development and implementation, we can define a mix of our platforms and need based custom development.

Maximize Your Potential with Web3

Unlocking a realm of boundless opportunities and cutting-edge capabilities for a truly transformative digital experience.

Web3 APIs

Access a suite of APIs that enable easy integration with other applications, fostering a connected and collaborative digital environment.

24*7 Auditable

Users and content creators can trust in the integrity of the system, creating a secure and transparent environment that sets new standards.

Analytical Insights

Elevate your understanding with our robust analytical tools. Gain valuable insights into user behavior and preferences.

Transparent Ownership

Establish a transparent and verifiable record of data ownership using blockchain.

Dynamic Pricing

Implement flexible pricing models using blockchain, allowing for adaptive product pricing.

And much more

Our team is working hard to improve The-Ally every day.

Investors and Partners

Studio Community

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Events, Blogs & Media

Let's Meet and Connect!

Cabsat 2023

May 16-18, 2023

We are delighted to announce our presence at CABSAT 2023. We invite you to meet us in person and explore how we can help enhance your content distribution strategy with the power of blockchain and our very own patented Micro Distribution process.

Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai, UAE.

In The Recent Past

Consensus 2023

April 26-28, 2023

We recently participated in Consensus 2023 where we unveiled the latest features of our state-of-the-art blockchain based platform for managing digital rights, Rightsfually and also, presented a demo of the new enhancements and functionalities.

Austin, TX, USA

Not So Long Ago


April 15-19, 2023

In April, we attended the NAB Show and had a fruitful experience. During the event, we had the opportunity to interact with numerous business professionals and discuss how we could assist in improving their content distribution tactics, taking them to new levels of success.

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Rightsfually partners with Seracle to use Polygon blockchain for media rights sector

Rightsfually, a blockchain-based media platform, has announced a partnership with Seracle, a blockchain cloud. This partnership aims to offer a solution for Rightsfually, by leveraging Seracle’s Litenode architecture

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Inside India’s first regulatory sandbox for Web3 startups

Telangana has launched a Web3 regulatory sandbox for selected blockchain startups to test their solutions in a controlled environment and receive support in the form of mentorship, regulatory compliance...

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Due to the Westerly Wind, there is an increase in the heat during the day. The maximum temperature can reach close to 40 degrees. Gusts of hot wind will be faced during the day. With the sun shining brightly overhead, one can feel the heat on the Fort

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LFG with the Inaugural Village Wonders Cohort

It has been two months since we announced Village Wonders, and the moment you all have been waiting for has finally arrived. We are excited...

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Talkin' bout a rights and royalties revolution

In this piece, we delve into the emerging blockchain and non-fungible token (NFT) applications that are shaking up contracts and rights and royalties' models. We also explore how disruptors and incumbents are gearing up for the future - including a whole new digital world in the metaverse.

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Finalists For Polygon x Demo Day, Bangalore

On-Chain IPR attestation & Content distribution in Web3

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Rightsfually, the blockchain-based media rights platform, partners with Seracle

Rightsfually streamlines procedures, saving time and money, by utilizing the state-of-the-art technology from Seracle. As a result, developers are given the ability to organize their efforts when developing applications and the deployment of blockchain nodes is made simpler.

Read More to Roll Out Web3 Video Distribution Channel With In-Built IP Rights Management and Marketplace

The creator economy is growing and changing at breakneck speed. It’s now widely understood that micro-communities with KOL (key opinion leaders) and self-authored creatives are the engines of our social and creative industries. Distribution barriers are falling everyday and, with the onset of web3,

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How TheAlly Helps Everyone Get Their Content Into Web3 Safely with their Rights Intact

That is the promise of web3, that is the promise of TheAlly. By building the tools they can help bridge the new creator economy directly into web3 and help them take advantage of everything the blockchain can provide.

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Know Your Rights: How Rightsfually Simplifies IP Ownership and Content Distribution in Web3

Intellectual property turns artists into creators and creators into businessmen. It’s a fact intuitively understood that the person who creates the art should benefit from the proceeds of its impact on society and culture.

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How On-Chain IP Rights Marketplaces Manifest a New Creator Economy

SF, United States, 9th February 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Copyright infringement is a major issue. It’s only right that the creators of a work are fairly rewarded for producing it.

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